Facial plastic surgery can help turn back the hands of time, allowing us to look as young as we feel. Facial surgery encompasses plastic surgery procedures targeted at the face and the features on it. Whether the goal is to tighten sagging skin, diminish a tired expression or add more definition to the facial structure, people may consider facial surgery to regain a younger look. 

The procedure is also called facialplasty, rhytidoplasty, and cervicofacial rhytidectomy.  Face-lift surgery will not eliminate all facial wrinkles. For example, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes may benefit little from face-lift surgery. Also, additional procedures including blepharoplasty , chemical peel, botox injections, or dermabrasion may be necessary to achieve desired results.  It doesn’t matter if you are seeking a more subtle, non-surgical skin treatment, or a dramatic surgery reshaping of your entire face, our surgical team can help you achieve the results you are seeking!