What is medical tourism?
Is medical tourism trustworthy?
Will I be able to talk to the medical team prior to my surgery?
How do I reach out to Enamor Global?
What qualifications do Enamor Global surgeons have?
Do your medical team speak my language?
In what type of clinic my procedure will undergo?
It will be my first time in Turkey, what do I do?
Will I be able to travel after a surgical procedure?
What happens after the procedure?
Will I receive a medical report after my treatment?
What do I need to do to travel to Turkey?
Will there be any charges after I book my treatment with Enamor Global?
Can I use my own currency in Turkey?
Is my driving license valid in Turkey?
Will my credit card work there?
What activities can I do in Istanbul?
How is the transportation in Istanbul?
Is Istanbul expensive?


What happens when I arrived in surgery?
Is Turkey a safe place to undergo surgery?
Bariatric Surgery, does it actually work?
What is the recovery time following surgery?
Is it necessary for me to take additionals minerals and Vitamins?
Can I become pregnant following surgery?
Is there any follow-up care one I return home?
Are there any tests I have need to before I travel abroad?
Will bariatric surgery be the best thing for me?
Will the results from Bariatric surgery be long term?
Is there a special diet I should follow leading up to surgery?
Will my excess weight return?

Any More QuerIes?